Yes and No. If you want to keep benefiting from the service that we provide for a further period of time after one year, you need to pay for this for the next year(s). This time you don't need to pay for the website building. You need to renew the payment only for management, hosting & domain service. Get in touch with us for further info.

Then we reconfigure the price and help you in your own environment 🙂

That's possible for most cases but not usually. It depends on the project, its requirements, and our time schedule. To make it clear you need to get in touch with us!

Yes, we do. Since we freshly new started the business, this type of packages will be on the website soon. However, if you need such support, just get in touch with us!
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Our Packages

WP Web (Corporate)

Hosting - for one year*

Domain name (if possible to find desired one)**

4-6 pages website


SSL cetificate

Contact Form

WP Web (Gold)

All-inclusive in Corporate Package

Blog Feature

Chat Bot

Google Analytics Integration

WP Web (Platin)

All-inclusive in Gold Package

SEO Settings

Google Busness Integration

Social Media Integration


All-inclusive in Platin Package


Payment Gateways

Shipping & Order Tracking

E-Commerce (Gold)

All-inclusive in E-Commerce Package

Up to 15 pieces, Product Adding

Unique Project

Do you have a special project in your mind?
Just mention on the form what do you expect in details then we'll get in touch with you!

How the Process is Working